I have owned and operated Courage Performance (Josh Courage Training when I first started it) for over 16 years now. I’ve opened two successful locations (DC and CA), and have coached thousands of people, from young kids, to professional athletes, to complete first timers, to weekend warriors, to seniors. My passion for helping others gain control of their lives has helped countless people change for the better, forever.


It all started when I was playing pro baseball, always looking for an edge. And that desire to constantly seek improvement always seemed to attract training partners. I spent my spare time educating myself in everything from human biomechanics, to nutrition, to energy systems, and on and on. And when my short baseball career was over, a new career and passion took over my life!


I constantly challenge myself, from CrossFit, to marathon, to triathlon, Spartan Races, Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and (not directly fitness related) outdoor/primitive survival training. And this hands-on experience in learning, training, and competing plays a huge roll in my coaching. I want nothing more but to help empower each person I work with to become the best version of themselves possible.


I can guarantee that anyone who follows a Courage Performance program, or works one on one with me will receive nothing but the best

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